NABLOPOMO and More Gus

This is the last day of the month-long challenge to blog post every day for a month.
I thought it would be a cinch because I already post almost every day - but the added pressure of knowing I could not take a day off has been a little tough.

All that being said - I DID it. This is the last post of the challenge - not of my blog posting.

I am grateful because this month started me on the Gus Keasler story - and started is the important word. There is lots more - and I am enjoying leaking it out a bit at a time. Gives me a bit of apace to think the story through - and actually has been an opportunity on the business of creating a story.

Its going to be fun to see whether the audience participation comes through on my family crowd. Will they send pictures for the "Gus Keasler look alike" contest?

Winding up this post with a picture of Gus!

The 1910 North Carolina A & M Football team.
By the time I was 5 years old I could point out Gus. Can you?
Which one is Gus Keasler?
And no fair asking Mama!

Next installment - soon.