Tellebration - 2007

When Jane Dorfman got home tonight she wrote to the Storytell, a computer list serve we both call our storytelling "family".

When I read her "post" I decided illustrating what Jane said with my pictures was a good way to tell the story of the evening.

From Jane to Storytell:

Just took part in our Tellebration last night. It was a delight. All four tellers ( Jane Dorfman, Bill Mayhew, Anne Sheldon and Ellouise Schoettler) were

I organized it and asked people I like to hear. And, I have the feeling
personally, that I've never told better.

We had it in a pretty little used bookstore in an area of antique shops.
We had 35 in the audience, the kind of listeners who would have listened all night, after the stories we finished with refreshments and lots of talking.

Bill Mayhew did his version Beowulf,

Anne Sheldon told/recited the last part of Tennyson's "Idylls of the King" about the death of Arthur-amazingly moving.

Ellouise Schoettler (of this list) told a very funny personal story about accidentally winning a Dalmatian puppy at an auction, and, in tribute to Duncan Williamson, one of his Jack tels,

and I told a personal story of my old neighbors in Annapolis that has the subtitle "Daddy's on the roof and he's got the ax." I wish you could have been there. It is one of those things that will make me smile for a long time. -- Jane


Kensington Row Book Shop is the same place where I have the monthly "Storytelling Salon". It is a welcoming place for storytelling and owner Elisenda Sola-Hopper (Eli)generously hosts these events. Its also a very interesting used book-store - a fun place to browse if you like bookshops, which I do. If you are ever in Kensington, MD do stop in.

Jane has said it - " a delightful evening.
We had a great audience, many who had never been to the Book shop before but people who love and enjoy stories. I was particularly glad to meet Eve Burton. She is a teller and the mentor for a group of young tellers, The Twinbrook Tellers. Her son Justin, a telling member of the group was with her. Very nice to have young tellers in the group.

Jane was in top form tonight, I am glad she felt it. Her "ax" story is a mix of funny and pathos and she tells the story with warmth, humor and compassion.

Bill Mayhew tackles tough pieces and pulls it off. His style puts me in mind of what I imagine a hearth side teller might have been like when bringing long epic tales into the midst of a group.

Anne Sheldon is an elegant teller using her voice and her gestures to create a presence that enhances the story.

For me, I love telling my Dalmation Dog story. Its a true story - funnier now than when it happened - as is often the case with personal stories. Tonight the audience's response and laughter added a touch of magic for the telling.

Afterwards folks hung around to talk and have a cookie. It kept the spirit of the stories alive a little longer.

(If you were there please leave a coment.)


megan hicks said...

I just read yours and Jane's accounts of Saturday night at Kensington Row. Here in Fredericksburg we, too, had a magical hearthside evening in the sweet shabby surroundings of the Wounded Book Shop, an old brick warehouse at the edge of downtown. What would look like a fair turnout in a library auditorium made a packed house for us at the book shop. And all adults!

Elizabeth Hensley told "Frogs," about online dating and how many frogs she had to meet before her prince came along. Debbie Griffin told a family story that dates back to the Revolutionary War. Denise Bennett told about true love in the 70's among theatre students. Linda Goodman made us laugh and think and dab our eyes with her personal story about two teachers who each made a difference -- in vastly different ways -- in her life. Lynn Ruehlmann told an E. Nesbitt story that creeped me out royally. And I told my groundhog story about how the sky really is falling and the king doesn't give a rat's ass.

To me, it felt like storytelling at its best -- performances, venue, audience all a perfect match. And after expenses (expenses being that I took everybody who could join us out to eat), we have $200 to donate to the Virginia Storytelling Alliance. AND we've made a fan of the bookshop owner, who was beaming as he ran upstairs to bring down another armload of folding chairs. I intend to try to arrange more events such as this; it appears that here in Fredericksburg we have a clientele that appreciates it.

Happy holidays!

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