Virtual Visit with Storyteller, Priscilla Howe

This afternoon I was surfing the web and stopped by to vist storyteller, Priscilla Howes's blog. Her fresh and informal writing makes you feel you're talking with her as she brings you into her life and tells you what she is doing as a storyteller. I also clicked over to her storyteller webpage and listened to her telling a story. Fun!

Meeting new people and sharing experiences is what fascinates me about the blog world. There are so many opportunities to encounter new ideas, learn about other viewpoints - its continuing education - expanding my lifelong learning experiences.

When Pricilla writes about her struggles with meeting the "write every day" commitment of this November NABLOMO challenge, do I ever relate. I signed on for the same challenge and anyone that is reading this blog regularly knows that I sometimes slip through by posting just a picture.

One of the problems is that I run out of things to say. what will be interesting to whoever might read this, or for that matter interesting enough for me to write about it. Daily life gifts us with stories and it can also be tedious at times.

My day was a mix. Three performances at an elementary school this morning went well and were really fun. This is the fourth year I have told stories for this school and the kids remember me - and my stories. So I always have to have new stuff. Good for both of us. I also enjoyed recognizing many of the students and noting how they have grown over time. A teacher came up after the third grade set and told me, "You had them in the palm of your hand - they were mesmerized." What a nice hug!

Telling those sets was actually hard because my throat was quite sore. I came home, brewed some tea and laced it with honey to soothe my throat. To tell the truth I settled into a chair near the fire that Jim had blazing in the wood stove. And slept.

I had to cancel an after school gig which I knew could be rescheduled so that I could hunker down for that long nap and to give my throat a rest. It threw me off schedule but it was definitely the best decision. Actually it was "doctor's orders". Jim checked things out and prescribed it. That's one of the many benefits of having a doctor in the house.