Pushing the Season

Do you believe it?

Our local shopping center has put up their Christmas decorations and set aside a large part of the parking lot for a Christmas tree sale.

But that was not all. Inside the stores they have turned on the Christmas music!

This is just much too early - we haven't even killed the turkey yet.

Oops, we don't do that anymore, do we?

When I was a kid I went with my Grandmother Diggle to Morrison Farms outside Charlotte on the grim errand. My cousin and I walked around the fields and admired the turkeys. They were stutting their stuff in the penned yards, cackling and spreading their feathers. We waited while Nanny went inside and picked up the bird she had ordered for our Thanksgiving Dinner.

It was part of the natural progression of things.

My brother sent me a joke that is making the rounds on the internet about a rude parrot who finally pushes his owner too far. Angrily the owner shoves the squawking parrot into the freezer to teach him a lesson. Shortly the squaking stops. quickly the owner opens the door to see if the parrot is still alive and well. He is not only alive and well the parrot is repentant. "I am so sorry. I will never do it again."

After a pause the parrot asks, "Will you tell me just one thing. What did the turkey do?"