Memorial Day

Remembering Walter Cobb - who died in France during World War I. There are other veterans in the family to mention, I know, but Walter haunts me a little. He died young, he was not married so leavers no descendants - and all his family is gone and now that Koki is gone too, no one thinks of him anymore.

Walter was my grandmother, Louise Diggle's, younger brother. He was serving in France, when like so many others, he contracted spanish flu and died. He is buried in France in an American military cemetary.

Walter is another loose end in my genealogy work. I have pictures of him and of his mother, Mary Louise Grose Cobb when she went to France to visit his grave as part of a Gold Star Mother's trip.

I will come back later and enter pictures, maybe add more about them - but I did not want this Day of Remembrance to pass by without mentioning Walter.