Coming to Grips

My days of leisurely day dreaming in the sun - or anywhere for that matter - are on the wane.

My sister Kathy called me today, "I looked at your blog today - what's with this thing about the basement." "I am finally going to do it."

She laughed. She has heard this from me for five years. She has advised me on how to proceed. She has described how she and her husband attacked theirs. And occasionally, I guess when she is frustrated listening to me whine about it, she has admonished me that I had better get on with it. Time is marching on and all that. Having sisters is a blessing - no one else is willing to go through these things with you.

I heard her take a deep breath. "Do you watch Oprah?" "No".
"Well there was a man on her show recently - he is an expert organizer - and they showed how he had helped someone in far worse shape than you are." (Oh, great, I thought)

"Anyway," she went on," he said that the way to get started with it is to fill just two bags a day - one with trash and one to give away. At the end of the week you will have 14 bags to go out. Little by little you will get it done."

"Ellouise, you don't have to go down in the basement on December 1 and stay there until you drop dead."

That's good news.

But, you see this is the problem, with the situation I have in my basement studio, at two bags a day, it chould take me the rest of my life to complete the clean-up. I could well be dead by then.

No, I think I need something far more radical than that.

I keep thinking of my cousin - once she advised me to rent a dumpster and park it in the drive way. She assured me that the meter running on the rental would be a big incentive to get it done.

Not to mention the dirty looks from the neighbors.