Falling Apart Day

Today my "list" was so well organized and I was charged and ready to tick things off one by one - then - my AOL locked down. Something was corrupted. Fortunately I did have another program disk. Whew. I loaded it in and waited for everything to whir back into action.

Guess what. The new installation wiped my address book clean. That's right clean. Not one single address left. I was stunned. And upset. I have worked hard to collect quite a few names for email alerts. And, segmented them into identifying groups. That's hours of work! I am proud of myself that I did not start screaming.

Instead I called Juliana. Would she, could she come over and help. It would most likely be data entry to re-enter all those names. Yes, she could and would.

Well when she took a look at the hard copy I handed her - (fortunately I recently printed out a copy of the address book ) - she said "let me have a look." One of her side jobs at college had been as an IT troubleshooter. I stepped back.

She was a bit slowed because she does not use AOL but her fingers flew and she found "helps" - at first it looked like a LONG cut and paste job - but then - after much cogitating and googling she found the right article and - somewhere and somehow unearthed the address book file from the innards of the computer and added it back.

Like magic all those names re-appeared.

How do they do it. Is this younger generation born with a new gene that makes them computer savvy. Whatever it is - I am grateful for it.

My grand-daughter Juliana to the rescue. Thanks.