Wednesday - Frustrated

I have been off-line for a few days - not that I did not try to write something or post a picture.
Blogger won't let me.

This blog or blogger is making me crazy.

I have not posted in a few days because there is something going on with blogspot and it will not let me post. I can see the post but I cannot access the "posting" pages - and forget uploading photos.

Has anyone else had this problem. The Mac folks say its not my computer - and they only" fix hardware not software" so I have fiddled with browsers and the software. No cures.

You know - its not the fact that it doesn't work that irritates - frustrates - me so much. Its that I never know what its going to do. Temperamental. I keep thinking I have done it right, fixed it - whatever and then - the page blanks out again. It feels personal.

Makes me think of some people I know. You know, the ones where you have to watch which way the wind is blowing - - to brace for what's coming. Walk on egg shells - maybe there is something you can do to head off a storm. But the truth is - you can't. Finally you realize the only solution is to give that person a wide berth - and keep your distance.

Reluctantly - I have to ask myself - how often do I blow up a storm with no warning - unsettle my world -

Drat - it always comes back to looking at the plank in your own eye, doesn't it?


David Thorne said...

I had some problems earlier today - each time I went to publish blog, I got an error message. Something to do with META wotnot (I'm not that technical).

Nice reading your blogs. Keep em coming.

Mary said...

That is exactly the sort of problem I take to my Apple One To One sessions. Unfortunately, they only let you enroll for them when you buy a new computer. I'll renew in July and then, who knows, in another year it might be time for a computer upgrade.
I've started blogging on my storytellermary.com website (and wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the Apple gurus' help).

Granny Sue said...

When I have similar problems, Ellouise, it's usually because of Hughesnet and internet speed on the satellite network. I don't know what service you have but the problem might be with that part of the process.

Another thought is that Blogger was doing some upgrades during what is probably a slow time for blogging. I wasn't posting this weekend because we had company and a lot going on, so I didn't run into problems. One other thing--often when you have too many things going on--video links, etc--it can cause problems, at least in my experience.