Lost in Other Worlds

Well this is the truth.
Yesterday did not go as I planned.
The quiet in the house settled around me and I wrapped myself in it.

After I checked my email I decided to open Net Flix and see it they have MI-5 - the BBC spy series are called "spooks" - on Instant Play. They do - - five seasons.

After two episodes I was completely hooked - and the day evaporated as I entered the world of actor-spys in great Britain.

This is the truth
I escaped all the pressure
Let the dishes mold in the sink
Left the laundry in the dryer

Finally whipped up supper
from left-overs
Finished the evening with the concluding episodes of Season 2.

The last episode of Season 2
ends with the shocking death of the main character
Never saw it coming
Knocked me for a loop

Season 3 not on Instant Play
Started season 4
to find out what happened afterwards
no no
Did not close the circle
So unsatifying
Story not completed.

Now the search for Season 3.
To get the answers
good storytelling
because I care.

The story made me care about these phantoms.

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