White Line

I made this piece in a printmaking atelier in Venice. It was a wonderful few days. Printing and then collaging the materials to make a new piece.

There was a plaque on the brick wall near the entrance identifying the building as "once the home of writer George Sand. Working in this very old building you felt surrounded by history and the feeling of connecting with years of other who had worked in this seasoned place.

My friend Pat was working there at the same time. We did not talk much those days - each in our own worlds - working on our art work. But there is a strong communication between artists when they share creative space. We often talked about that time later. And when she told me afterwards of work she was doing in the atelier on later trips I was glad to know and visualize the place she talked about.

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Aine Scannell said...

Hello there Ellouise

It has been a delight and pleasure to come across your blog this evening. I came in originally after looking up Dennis Olsen, having seen a lovely watercolor monoprint of his on the SGCI website. I had gone on there after following up something I found on another website...................probably printmaking related. Its my "thing" well ART is my thing. I loved what you wrote about Dennis - I think there's quite a European 'sensibility' in his visual aesthetic.

Oh and by the way .....you have mentioned your own artwork a few times but I couldn't find it other than these two posts about your time in this printmaking studio in Venice. Such a gorgeous place I loved it. I love this first print of yours or is it a collage ....it doesnt matter in the end though does it. It just 'is' and thats what matters.

I am going to see if there is a "follow by email" form on your blog Elouisesstory.blogspot and hopefully can keep up with you that way. my very best wishes - its a shame you don't live nearer or I could have proposed popping in for a cup of tea.

Aine Scannell