More bits

Deluge with thunder and lightning last night.
Mother Nature is really out-of-sorts.

I have been involved in some storytelling research.
You know, investigating plot structures.

Watching the MI-5 BBC spy series on Net Flix
Interesting good-guy characters playing spy games against terrorism.
A different take on plot and action than the same genre made for US TV.
Years 1 - 4 available on Net Flix Instant Play.
I had to order the discs for years 5 and 6.
Getting involved in long-time series is good escape TV watching.
And - it doesn't hurt that Rupert Penry-Jones is starring in MI-5.

People I know are "into" the Avatar - The Last Air Bender TV series on Net Flix Instant Play
I carefully dipped into it yesterday -
Carefully because I am susceptible to being pulled into series like this
And Avatar- the Air Bender is dangerous
A fairytale-folktale premise and interesting cartoon images.
Careful! Careful!
This could be habit-forming.
This is an old series
I am wondering how I missed it when it was active on TV.

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