Catch Up - Fringe Excitement

Well I was pretty together by Opening Night and wearing the white shirt my sister Lynda gave me.
Lynda's shirt was the perfect connection to the symbolic white the women fighting for the vote wore more than 75 years ago. July 9 was the 32nd anniversary of the 1978 ERA March on Washington. 100,000 women wearing white marched down Constitution Avenue in support of the ERA. I was there and I wanted to link with that history.

Pushing Boundaries opened at the Capital Fringe on Friday Night July 9. I loved every minute of it -
and its recorded in this wonderful review.

What Kate Mattingly doesn't mention is that I
have Helen Reddy's I AM WOMAN playing as people wait for the program to start. Now if that doesn't set the stage for this show what will.

Big thrill for me was having former ERAmerica staff Kathleen Currie and Betsy Crone in the audience - long-time-no-see. And we swapped more stories and laughs at the sidewalk Q and A.
(Sorry its so dark - but its a good memory for me.)

I felt so fortunate to be telling the story at the Goethe Institut. There is wonderful sound in that room, comfortable plush seats and delicious air-conditioning - plus a very helpful sound tech to make sure all is well. Fringe added the magic touch - Keta Newborn, the perfect Stage Manager.
Not to mention having the able back-up of storyteller Geraldine Buckley and Jim.

Even considering that FIRE really scares me - it was a GREAT evening.

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