This and That

Woke up this morning thinking -
its here
its next Friday.

Not ready.
Still have a list
Check sound
finish program, etc, etc, etc.
And along the way rehearse the story.

I have been in this territory before
It WILL work out

My good friend Betsy is coming from PA next Saturday!
I will tell the story
then we will go to lunch
to talk
and talk
and talk.
Of important things
cabbages and kings and sealing wax
before she and her husband
take off
to the land of King Arthur
on a sabbatical
surrounded by craggy rocks and ancient books.

Jim and I will fly
in the opposite direction
in August
California here we come
to visit with grandsons, family and friends
some young and looking to the future
others old and living in the past.

We all have our own journeys
so its wonderful
to throw up bridges
along the way.

A familiar dish:
Fixed comfort food for supper last night
Tuna casserole made the 1950s way
Tuna, macaroni, and cream of mushroom soup
Layered in a deep dish.
Still good -
especially with thick slices of fresh picked tomatoes.

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