Friday - Stream of Conscioiusness

Some days not everything matches perfectly

and ideas bounce
like gum balls
when you shake
the round glass globe

from remembering my days at the Washington Women's Arts Center
as I stroll through my Second Wave past for the Second Wave Album
and preparing for performing the story at the
Capital Fringe

you know, the big things.

i catch a glimpse of my
bunk hair in the hall mirror
its a fright wig
get yourself to Images on the double
you need help

Indulging in black and white
until vintage stars and plots blur
in a gray haze.

sorry I missed
my grandmother's birthday last week week

warm, sweet Ellie Hall Keasler Baer
who said she was born on a rock poor farm in Mint Hill, NC.
maybe so
but you'd never guess it when she was "done up"
wearing an elegant black dress
her pearl "ear bobs"
and little foxes chasing themselves around her neck.

From my first day
Granny laughed with me and loved me
and told me
you can do anything you set your mind to.

Happy Birthday
darling Granny

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