Back in action

1. Capital Fringe tickets went on sale today.

Pressure mounts.
Excitement builds.
Capital Fringe is only 16 days away.

Always more to do.
Facebook, PR, Posters, Programs.
I keep making lists and for everyone I mark off it seems to me several more appear.
Its like rabbits - - multiplying.

2. Taped my TV show today and it was fun to be back.
Since today was the first day of summer - I told of memories of summers at Wrightsville Beach NC - when the beaches were pristine and you would never dream the day would come when Southern shores would be threatened by an oil spill. In those days the grown-ups worried about enemy U-Boats sighted off the coast and other concerns related to WWII. But none of that touched me. My days were filled collecting shells and wading at the water's edge.

3, Really loving the World Cup Soccer games. New to me - I am an enthusiastic convert.

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