You know something. I forgot to write on the blog yesteday.

Things were a bit hectic here all day.
Getting ready for my surgery today was a hassle.
And I am sure many of you know what that's like now that you do everything at home before you go to the hospital - so you are ready.

I have a new toy - an Apple iPhone and it is very diverting. I am in love with it - even with the steep learning curve and the strange feel of the key-pad. I keep typing too many wrong letters.
Typos will abound for a long time.

All that is over-balanced by the wonderful camera and video capability. Love it! Love it! and you will probably be seeing it here.

You are invited to visit the Second Wave Album on Facebook. The link is on the right hand side of this blog. I scanned like a fiend last week so that Robin will have plenty to work with during the next few days while I may not be paying attention to it.

Besides bringing me into the modern age by mentoring me on Social Media she is absolutely my alter ego on all this stuff on the web. Believe me, I am so grateful for her creative ideas and hands on help. Also just plain fun to work with my daughter.

So for now - Ciao.

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