Getting Ready For the DC Capital Fringe

Rehearsing my story this afternoon with Storyteller Geraldine Buckley. Excellent feed-back.
Good to have a new ear on the story -

Robin called, "Mom, your first performance is July 9. Did you realize that's the same date as the 1978 NOW ERA MARCH on the Mall?"

That's perfect!

I will be telling my story - 32 years later - just a dozen blocks from the Washington Mall.

Yes, I was there. Wearing white, marching under the Coalition of Women's Arts Organizations banner.
Were you there?
If you were, please add your story on www.facebook.com/secondwavealbum

It was hot and humid that day but that did not dampen our spirits or slow us down. I was excited to be a part of the historic moment when 100,000 women - wearing white - converged on the Washington Mall to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

I had no idea that my being there on July 9, 1978 was just the beginning of my personal journey with the Equal Rights Amendment.

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