Speakeasy's Father's Day Program - a winner

Amy Saidman placed this program in the Atlas Theater
on H Street. Atlas is a historic vintage movie theater which has been completely re-done into a very fine performing space - holding three theaters.

Fun Fact. Atlas Theater was the first large air-conditioned space in DC.

Sold out crowd.

"Who's Your Daddy?"is the first Speakeasy Father's Day special program but I predict it will not be the last.

The program was also the
culmination of a longer storytelling-performance class where the seven tellers polished these stories. A great Showcase for the education programs.

Jim and Storyteller, Geraldine Buckley

I came particularly to hear Geraldine's story - and Jim and I were glad we did.

Geraldine Buckley comes to US storytelling from Ireland by way of Great Britain. Her stories are spiced with surprising experiences that take you into a diferent world.
Lets just say - how many people do you know who have taken a $200 pink bus from London to Delhi, India and told you about it? Geraldine has a strong, confident style - and she is funny - so she was a perfect choice to open the program.

David Hallisey, father of two, was another favorite. His story of his decision to have a Vasectomy was brave, underdone, and hilariously funny. His quiet style and low key delivery were exactly right to allow the audience to enter his private world with out being put off by the topic and to appreciate his viewpoint. Interesting that when he finished you are not sure the deed has been done!

All seven tellers were stellar. True stories that are worth a hearing.

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