Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day, Jim.

We will have stories of Italy later this afternoon when Jimmy, Monica, Juliana and Alison stop by on their way home from Dulles Airport with the dust of Rome still clinging to their shoes.

Karen will be on hand from PA to add her hugs for the day.

In the octave Robin flies in and we will have first hand stories from the West Coast. She will talk of High School graduations, camp trips, football camp and first ever solo road trips. All the stuff of teen-age sons who are feeling their oats.

The important things, right.

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sfbayareagirl said...

Totally LIKE : ) Sounds like great fun. However, what does "feeling your oats" mean? I mean, I've heard it forever and understand the implication, but where did this phrase come from? Who "feels oats" in an effort to have a good time? What's it mean? I have to know!

I'm sure I can google it, but I have a feeling your explanation would be more interesting. Enjoy your Father's Day!!