wednesday - yea God!

first- special thanks to robin for her guest blogs while i was out-of- it.
she brought back some lovely memories and i loved the way she up-dated them with her story.

well, its like this - i am happily home from the hospital- grateful to my skilled surgeon for fixing my problem. there were some really lovely folks helping afterwards and they shared wonderful stories which i have stored. my dear family, jim, jimmy, monica and karen took shifts to stay with me for four days. my body is bouncing back steadily. storyteller geraldine buckley said it best in a facebook message - " yea God."

so, catching up
  • life moves on while you step off the treadmill. our grand-daughter alison is in italy on a college semester and spent last week-end in venice - something she has dreamed of for years. she posted a picture of the grand canal taken from behing the prow of a gondola - quite a memory.
  • robin's oldest son moves toward his high school graduation this week. wow, that happened overnight.
  • jimmy, monica and juliana fly to italy friday. ahhhhhhhhh
  • the news continues to be depressing.
  • princess leia ran through the house frantically checking things out after five days in the kennel.
  • i can hear the washing machine chugging away in the utility room.
things are getting back to normal.

yea, God!


Kate Dudding said...

So glad to see you here.

Keeping on bouncing back, my dear!


PS A silly joke:

Did you hear that there was a robbery at the Musee D'Orsey in Paris the other week? A number of Impressionist paintings were stolen. But the thief was caught only a few blocks away. You see, he didn't have the Monet to buy Degas to make his Van Gogh...

Granny Sue said...

yea God is right! welcome back!