Photograph = lesson

The day in the picture
was a very good day.
8th grade at Piedmont Junior High School,
Charlotte, NC.
This was the get-up we had to wear as part of our
initiation into the Jr. Honor Society.

I had worked hard
so that I could be
the butt of that joke
for a day.

I do that a lot
Work hard
struggle, plot and plan
to get myself into tough spots.

In fact I am quite good
at getting myself into hard places
which require even more work to get myself out of.

I read the other day about the foolishness
of trying to zip yourself into a place you don't fit.
like hammering a square peg into a round hole.

I know when I am doing that hammering
I feel it all over my body

the trick is to recognize the foolishness
before you lift the hammer
and look for another hole
a square hole -
where it will be easy.

Maybe so. Maybe so.

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Robin S. Fox, Social Media Coach said...

HI -- what I like about this post is how, when we find ourselves having made things too hard, there is hope that we can find another solution... one that makes more sense, and is not so hard.

Like that optimism.

- Robin