Storytelling Afternoon in VA

Stop and mark this day.
I want to remember it.

Jim and I drove to Lake Ridge, VA where I told stories for an exceptional woman's gala 90th birthday party.
More than 100 people came to honor her and listen to my stories.

Friends and family came from across the continental US, Alaska and London. There was a large contingent of fellow residents at the lovely retirement home - - many older than she is.
I talked with one woman who will be 100 years old in June - remarkable - "I know I am blessed." She lives independently,
tells stories, and exudes a genuine joy in her living. "

The honoree has a large and lovely family who arranged the flawlessly run event. It was seamless from start to finish - every "i" dotted and "t" crossed. Surely they model their mother - a self-sufficient Navy wife, writer, and organizer. This woman is a marvelous role model - leading a resident "kitchen band" and publishing a creative new cook-book which she premiered at the party.

I chose to tell a selection of personal stories which reflected some aspects of her life as a wife and mother. Although storytelling was new to most of the audience members - one younger woman said, "I have not heard stories since I was a kid at the library" - they were extremely receptive and their laughter encouraged me on. Afterwards many stopped me: "I loved the stories." "You did a great job." etc. These were nice but one I particularly prize - " You said that you tell your stories hoping they will speak to our experiences. And they did. There was something I could personally relate to in each one of your stories. Thank you for bringing back the memories."

What more could a storyteller hope for?

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