Gettysburg Friends of the Library Bookstore and a story

Jim and I rode into Gettysburg for lunch. We lucked into a parking space downtown just in front of the main Library - where we saw this irresistible sign. "We have to go in - for Robin."

You enter the shop from street level. It is small, inviting, and every inch is crammed with books.

The books are well organized and easy to browse.

There were only a few people
which was good - the space will not accommodate a crowd.

I asked the man sitting behind the desk, "may I take pictures." He seemed surprised so I went on, "our daughter is involved with the Friends of the Library Bookshop in Lafayette, CA. She is interested in shops at other libraries." He looked up - then volunteered -
"Lafayette, Ca? Hmmm.
I once lived there - on Moraga Road - when it was all farm lands.
I suppose its all houses now?"

We had stepped into one of those wonderful small world moments!

As we chatted he remembered more images of the years he lived in Lafayette when he was a boy. He was born in Oakland in 1931 - the family lived on Moraga Road during the early 1940s - when it was "farm lands and country."
"Oh, yes, St. Mary's was there and all those hills."

"I remember one Sunday morning my dad and I rode our bikes into Lafayette. The radio was blaring in the drugstore - - - that's where we heard the news bulletin about Pearl Harbor.
It was December 7, 1941."

Then - "there was a place called Orinda. Do you know it?
They opened a big, new movie theater when we lived there - I suppose its gone."
"No - its still there and working - - care-worn but a wonderful old theater - one of our favorite places when we go out."

He and Jim reminisced about the California they remembered as boys - a rare moment of shared memories - - - in a used bookshop tucked in the basement of the Adams County Library in Gettysburg, PA - - about 2,800 miles away from the West Coast. A gift.

Another bit for a story.


Robin S. Fox, Social Media Coach said...

HI -- loved the story. Just wanted to add that Orinda Theater is not only still live but has become the site of the annual Orinda Film Festival (http://www.CAIFF.ORG) which is being held this weekend, including a visit from Richard Dreyfuss.

Loved the story about the Pearl Harbor announcement. I could really picture that happening.

- Robin

J.D. said...

Howdy - having walked Gettysburg several times and with roots in Moraga stretching back to 1933 we'd like to say how much we liked your story and how much we'd like to see it shared on our Lamorinda-centric site: www.eastbaydaze.com.

We have expat Lamorindans checking in from forward operating bases in Afghanistan, and others in Beijing, Boston, and Paris.

We'd love some pictures of your travels and conversation with this former resident. Hope to hear from you...