Sunday - Wheaton Library Used Bookstore, Chaucer, and 3 Guys

Our family loves libraries and bookstores and when you can have the two together in a library-used book store - well its a double winner.

Since the 1960s the Montgomery County Public Library system has been known for its Wheaton used book store. Our son Jim and his family regularly browse the 5000 square feet of bulging shelves and come home with brown grocery bags filled with books. Its just plain hard not to.

Robin is an active volunteer with the Friends of the Library Bookstore in her town of Lafayette, CA.- where she uses her professional savvy on marketing and social media to build a market for their used book store. This is the marketing-blog she writes for them.

So you can see I was not surprised when she suggested an outing to check out the Wheaton Library Bookstore. Our son Jim jumped at the chance to go with her and they took Scottie and Danny with them.

I gave Danny $3 and asked him to see if they had a copy of The Canterbury Tales in poetry.
They came back with these three gems - a good version of the Tales, a book of critical essays and a wonderful Chaucer biography that I am already dipping into. Fine. Good on the period, his life and his works. A good afternoon of browsing - fun for all. And a story - Robin wrote about the Wheaton Bookshop on her blog. Check it out.

Jim, Scottie and Danny.

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Mick said...

What a lovely find! I absolutely love good used bookstores. I wish I could pay a visit to Wheaton Library someday. Sounds like a terrific spot and I'm sure I could spend hours browsing through there. Great post!