Thursday - 3 Beautiful Things

Sunshine, warm and bright
promises a great day
ah, good!

Broke my record yesterday
did not write a daily blog post
you know the feeling
like not having perfect attendance in school
come to think of it.
I never did get one of those special badges.


If I had written yesterday I would have mentioned
  • the good time laughing phone talk I enjoyed with my sister Lynda
  • watching Kinky Boots - a Brit flick that is touching and funny - with a subtle message
  • Skyping an East to West coast business session with Robin. Revving up for the Capital Fringe in July. Need to get the business stuff out of the way so I can focus on the story.
  • Richmond storyteller Slash Coleman will be the June guest teller at Kensington and on the TV SHOW. Will post the interview here. Feels good to have things lining up.

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