Saturday - Revisiting the Gump Days

Is it already Saturday and Robin and the boys will leave tomorrow.
Its been a fast week. Nothing exciting. Just wonderful having them around.

Robin has spent a lot of time coaching me on social media and fine-tuning my knowledge and skills with Facebook.
It is a good thing I love technology because it can be confusing but I like the challenges and am enjoying what I am learning.

I see real possibilities for this new project, The Second Wave American Album. (also see blog side bar). Its a short take on the history of those exciting days in the 1970s. Robin laughs, "Mom, You're like Forrest Gump - you were at all the big events."

Not to mention that working with the materials is a really great prep for the July Capital Fringe where I will be presenting Pushing Boundaries - the story drawn from those years.

But - mking choices or setting priorities has never been my strong suit. I want to try it all - - do it all. And, I still can, within reason - but sometimes its hard to see when and where - before I say YES. Sooooooooooo. I am working on that.

Ah, me - another hill to climb; another lesson to learn.

Documenting my Gump Days - now moves to the head of the list.

And then - - - these boxes of papers and stuff can move on - hopefully to an Archives where someone can come someday to sift through my papers and write a "foot-note" to the history.

And it will have been worth my saving them - - instead of taking them to the Dump.

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