In the Country

The grass is lush and green
freshly mowed
and sweet smelling

Princess Leia loves it here
and runs free
which she cannot do at home
where the electric fence
corrals her.

We have missed most of the tulips
but there are a few
brightening the back door path
with blue periwinkle dotting
the dense green foliage

Self-sufficient plants fare best with us.

And look who came calling
a happy Peter Rabbit
hiding in the tall grass at the edge of the neighbor's field.

1 comment:

Travelin'Oma said...

Is your dog a Shitzu? We had a dog that looked just like her for 14 years. Her name was Peaches.

We were just visiting my son in Colorado, outside Denver, and I saw wild bunnies for the very first time. I didn't know they just hopped around people's yards! I love your poetry.