Friday - Chance to Win Free American Air Line Miles and a new tip

Thinking about getting out of town?
Check this out.
Travel-story tips from six storytellers and a chance to win American Air Line Miles.
Fun promo - I enjoyed being a part of it. Loved the Shutter-Fly Book. Easy and fun.

I saved my favorite tip to share with you here.
Ofcourse you want to bring back WOW pictures
but also:

Use your digital camera as a sketch-book and note-taker.

I take pictures of the bits, large and small. Capture a menu, a luscious slice of pizza, a store-front, the hotel room bedspread - anything that will help you remember the color of where you have been. I followed a woman across the baggage claim area in the airport after we landed in Shannon Ireland to snap her cute shoes - red with white polka dots. They were not a WOW photo but they are a special note in a story.

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