Snow is Headed Our Way

Everyone is in a tizzy getting ready for the snow that is coming. According to the NEWS it is going to be a storm of historic proportions.

Dutifully Jim and I went to the Safeway this afternoon to prepare to be "in the house" for three to five days. Everyone else in the area was also there. There were traffic jams in the food aisles where food-filled carts jostled for spaces. Many shelves were depleted. No whole chickens to bake. I thought that was a good idea - bake a large hen when the snow starts. If we lose power and can't cook, cold chicken would be good. Only tissue thin orange outer skins littered the large Mayan onion barrel. A run on sweet onions? Who would have imagined it?

Tonight we are bringing some wood inside incase the woodpile is under a drift. That's about it.
Fortunately Sears finally came and we hope the snow thrower is really fixed this time.

We have the really important stuff - popcorn and movies. The computers are plugged in - charging the batteries so we will not lose complete touch with the outside world.

We are set.

How about you???? What do you do to prepare for a storm like this?

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Debbie Couture said...

Elloise, another guy I know was talking about no onions in the store too. I thought he was joking. I was out yesterday afternoon and stopped in an Aldi store but it was nuts so I left. Went to my Giant and it was fine, busier than usual but not bad. I am sure that it got worse. My daughter was shopping at midnight last night and they wouldn't take her debit card after three tries and the money was in there. The store manager let her go home with the groceries and said come back in the morning. Then she finds out her acount was charged three times. She has to take care of that this morning. It's crazy out there. Be sure to get gas in your car because sometimes the stations can't get that delivered. I ran out of eggs and had a hard time getting them in the Bizzard of 96. Our friend Sue is in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Have a fun time at home, Debbie