High Wire

Yesterday I wrote that taping the video was was working on the high wire. Someone wrote to me asking, "what do you mean?" Maybe you wondered as well.

For thirty years I have made collages by gluing down one piece at a time without editing, relying on my eye and "happy accidents" to bring the composition together. With fabric, I sew down one scrap at a time. If a color choice isn't right - its a new problem looking for the next pieces to solve it. I don't rip or erase. I think of this as working on the high wire. No plan. No net. Hanging on while you get it right.

My stories and storytelling are the same. Like conversations; they flow. An idea; no memorizing; just talking. I am then free to respond to the audience - to talk my way through. When I feel a change is needed I go with it. Its all chance.

What is different and difficult about telling a story into a dead-space camera lens is that you have to imagine the person or people on the other side. You have to create the energy to carry the story. That's the high wire.

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