Friday Video - Daddy's Kites and The Green Bee

Daddy's Kites and The Green Bee from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

Daddy's Kites brings a childhood memory up-to-date as the story lives on.
The Green Bee is a Chinese folktale that I love to tell. I originally found the story in Three Minute Tales collected by Margaret Read MacDonald and have tweaked it for my own telling.

Today I am posting the complete episode of Stories in Time which is broadcast twice a week on Montgomery Municipal Cable (Channel 16), Montgomery County, MD. I tell both personal stories and folktales for the series. The program is intended for an adult audience.

Taping these stories is like a live performance in that they are not edited afterwards - you're working on a high wire except - instead of looking into the faces of your audience you're staring into the large black lens of a stand-up high-resolution professional broadcast camera. Its usually one camera head-on. We tape on a virtual set. The bookstore background is added later.

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Anonymous said...

I just love your stories. Thank you for them!!
Martha Bonotto