Tuesday -

Journaling - writing in a journal to capture the moments of the day and remember them.
I have boxes of old journals in the basement. My friend says, "get rid of them - that's then - this is now." I know, I know.
But I can't.
I want it all.

What would you do? Save or toss?

Personal Note:
For five years this blog has replaced my daily journal - sometimes more specifically personal - others more vague - but I know the context. Gradually I began including posts about storytelling, my own and that of other people.
In January 2010 I began posting videos of my stories on Friday - because I have a stash of videos to share - and because I think video and the internet are a great pair for sharing stories.
In a few weeks I will begin sharing longer videos which include other storytellers. Watch for it.


Debbie Couture said...

Save Ellouise. You will always treasure those journals and I bet your children will too. My parents wrote down nothing for me to keep. I wish I had something like that.

Mary said...

Just as you saved a stranger's photo album, you should save your journals. . . . until and unless you absolutely have to lighten the load, they should stay with you.