Friday - A Question to ponder

8:00 am.
Very cold. Sunny. Streets are clear. Back to dry black asphalt. But everywhere else is covered with piles and piles of white and dirty-ing snow.
Maybe if I ignore it - - it will go away.

A Question to ponder.
A friend from a continent away that I have not seen in a long time called yesterday to check on Jim and me and the snow. Her voice at the "Hello" brought back memories and warm feelings. It was great to talk with her.

We chatted about the blizzard, about her recent trip and then she asked me what I was doing, "Do you have any projects?" Funny. That question told me how little we know about each other today, even though we once were very close. And, I have wondered on it since.

How do we keep in touch with those that were once important and close - that still are so much a part of our lives and history - especially if our interests and "projects" have taken separate paths. Or, are we supposed to? Is it enough to have had those wonderful times together, then? That when we meet again we tell each other the stories, remind each other of the times we shared.

Are friends like good books, that we re-open and re-read - - and then put back on the shelf in a warm safe place. That's always a good feeling, isn't it? The later readings are different, sometimes richer, because we have changed.

In the case of a well-loved book, the book does not change. With people, be they family or friends, they too have changed - and you have to build new bridges.

With some people its so easy. I have another far-away friend and every time we see each other, we pick up like we had seen each other yesterday: not two years ago.

Is it that some books are finished - and some are still being written?


Debbie Couture said...

Good thread Ellouise. I love people that I have a history with. Sue and I have a history of attending Catholic school together. We remember the same kids and nuns. We were in the same place when John Kennedy died. I have friends from different parts of my life but I do like to get in touch with those from the past. I just got in touch with a woman whom I worked with almost 23 years ago. So much time has passed but I think we'll get together and talk. For some reason I have just been thinking about her. I like the Bloom where you have been planted theory but don't want to forget the past. I think all of our books are still being written.


Hi, Debbie - Thanks for your sharing. Really like "Bloom where you have been planted." That's a keeper. I do hope that all the books are still being written. We would all be the richer for it.