Blizzard 2010 - Sunday February 7

10:10pm. Have you heard. We are expecting 5-6 inches Tuesday night. Oh, brother.


  • Used the day for paper work and fooling around. More fooling around than real accomplishment I am sorry to say.
  • Two gigs tomorrow cancelled. Rescheduled. It works fine for me right now.
  • Karen, as the only resident shoveler, has done a yeoman's job moving snow for the past two days. I am back challenged and the doctor told Jim to delegate those chores. (Isn't that a lovely way to put that.) That left Karen to the heavy-lifting.
  • Federal and County governments, schools etc closed tomorrow. Many buses and subways aren't running.
  • Power is back in time for the Super Bowl. Good game tonight. Happiness reigns in New Orleans
  • That's the right note for good night
Monica called. "We have power."
The lilt in her voice said it all. 33 hours is a long time. Fortunately they cook with gas so they have had hot food, tea and coffee.

Remember the boiled eggs of yesterday? Today they tasted good for lunch - egg salad.

10:00 am Good Morning, Sunshine!!
Skies are blue and the sun is bright!
The snow plow has been down the street at least once.
To tell the truth I just got out of bed.
By bedtime, even though the power had come back on,
the house was cold Jim and I slept on the pull out couch in the rec room - near the fire.

But - our son called, they have a situation. Stuck!
  • No power since 3 am yesterday. 31 hours.
  • Warm near the wood stove in the rec room but the rest of his house is a freezer locker.
  • Can't come here because their street has not been plowed.
A few years back we lost power during an ice storm and it did not come back on for 4 days. It was as miserable as I have ever been - after two days of toughing it out we went to Karen's - who had power and a warm place.

Outside Karen was hearing stories and picking up neighborhood news:
  • We should count our blessings - near-by areas still don't have power
  • Chevy Chase Super Market 6 blocks away is dark.
  • Connecticutt Avenue is passable, carefully, on hard packed snow.
Stay Home!

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