Thursday - Music and Memory

Announcement from Speakeasy DC. If you are in the Greater Washington area:


Look for us in Washington Post Weekend this Friday and listen to WAMU 88.5 Metro Connection between 1 and 2pm for SpeakeasyDC's next story in the Our City, Our Stories Series (funded by the Humanities Council of Washington, DC). It's a short story about Daniel McCowan and his life after foster care.
(This is the third of four podcasts of Our City, Our Stories. I am happy to tell the fourth story which will be broadcast next week.)

Arthur Smith, Musician, Charlotte, NC

My cousin Louise Barr posted this video on Facebook this morning. As I listened to it memories of my childhood and my father flowed over me.

Arthur Smith was a popular local performer in Charlotte - and in the wider world, although I was never that aware of that. This song, Guitar Boogie, was played over and over on Charlotte radio stations. My daddy loved it. The song was written and recorded in 1945. I was 9 years old and Daddy returned from WWII. From the days of early TV Arthur Smith was a presence on local TV. Mama was not a fan. They never agreed about that.

More about Arthur Smith - His history and an interview.

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