Snow, Snow, Snow

The sun is bright.
The world is sparkling.
The white packed snow just sits there.
There is no melting.
Its like a guest who has stayed too long.

10:30 pm
  • Aware of the snow all day. Its shrinking but there is still so much.
  • The streets are quiet.
  • Federal and County government offices were closed today. Not all public transportation running.
  • People within a mile of us are still without power. Warming themselves in their cars becaise their houses are too cold.
  • Jim and Karen went to the Safeway to restock foods we need because - guess what - more snow expected tomorrow - about 10 - 16 inches. AND - more predicted for Friday. Cancelled storytelling for tomorrow and rescheduled. May have to cancel PA gig on Friday.
  • Taking no chances. In case we lose power again I cooked ahead tonight - baked some chicken thighs - yummmm cold chicken is always good and baked a spiral ham. No surprise - we still have hard boiled eggs. Bought a small copper bottom kettle to heat water on the wood stove. Checked batteries in the lanterns and flashlights and changed the batteries in the radio. Always good to have an outside connection. Charging everything we can think of. Plenty of fruits and veggies on hand. Laundry caught up. You know taking care of the basics.
  • We will fill the car tanks in the morning. In case we too need a warm place or have to re-charge on the car batteries.
Be Prepared just like the Scouts teach you. All the while thinking - I really hope we don't have to use this stuff.


Mrs. Cassie McGill said...

We are preparing for another 6+ inches tonight, to add to our current 9 1/2 inches. Our children are ecstatic about the possibility of finally getting "good" snow- you know, the snowman-making kind! My high school students are apathetic, albeit wishing school would at least be delayed, if not cancelled. Our wiener doggy misses his large yard and audibly laments the fact that his trail is rather marked at this point... I am just thankful for plenty of heat, coffee, and books! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...
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