Saturday - Video and A Genealogy Surprise

Genealogy Surprise - A cause for celebration.

Received an email last night from someone I have never met but knew of and a door opened.

" Hi, Ellouise, I think we are cousins."
Indeed we are.
Aunt Cora, my grandmother's older sister is her grandmother.

Tears stood in my eyes as I thought of Granny and Aunt Cora and all their loving kin and the days long ago. It was a sweet, simpler time. My mother came from a large extended family on her mother's side, good solid farm people that moved to the city to make their fortune. Some did and some didn't.

They were all descendants of Tunis Hood, an early North Carolina settler and some were still living on Hood land that had been willed to their parents.

My new-known cousin Rose Mary has taken up genealogy and found me in the Carolina Room of the Charlotte Public Library. Fifteen years ago when I found Tunis Hood there in the Tunis Hood Family book, Alice Shaffer Hall's limb of the family tree was sparsely mentioned so I made an addendum to the book and gave it to the library. Bless the library and the archiving spirit that lives in all genealogists and librarians.

"Jim, a door has opened and there they all are. They are not gone after all. I can tell Rose Mary about them. "

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Anonymous said...

I too am decended from Tunis Hood. His granddaughter married a Thomas Killough, also Elvis Presley is decended From Mr Hood Through one of his sons, Elvis' grandmother was Minnie Mae Hood. William Killough