Its going to be a full day of paper-work catch-up - - - and storytelling.
Gigs cancelled last week because of the snow are now on for this week. I am glad to be back telling stories.

Not that I minded being sequestered here at home for the week - I didn't. Its free time to drop the schedule in favor of other things. Maybe you do that too.

My quilt - - started in October - leap-frogged during the snow days - - someone might even nap under it before the cold days are finished. The piecing is completed.

In the basement I found a wonderful forgotten yardage of burgundy felt which is perfect for the quilt back. Now the quilt top is pinned to it - waiting for tweaks and decorative top stitching.

The burgundy felt has a story of its own. Its being recycled from an art piece, Lonesome Me, honoring my Dad. Lonesome Me was exhibited ten years ago at Studio Gallery. Doubt I will show it again so - the felt is moving on.

That's how it is with the stuff in the basement. Work now - or out you go.

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