Monday - Three Beautiful Things.

Started the day at Mass and the first session of a week-long daily retreat for Lent.Excellent guest priest is the retreat-master. His talk was thought provoking and he peppered his remarks with short, memorable, funny stories.

Glad to say the TV Taping mid-day went well. Always fun to see folks at the station and to run through a new story.

Update on Jim. Our good news: Friday Jim had a PET Scan to check on the progress of the Chemo. He exercised his doctor privilege and asked that that they fax the results to him ( and all his attending physicians) as soon as they had them. Since they arrived about 5 pm we did not have to worry all week-end.

Scans show the chemo is having a positive effect. Jim is encouraged. Although he has tolerated the drugs quite well- few ill-effects to interrupt his usual patient schedule - chemo therapy is not a course one wishes for - so it means a lot on many levels to learn that its doing the job.

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hart said...

Great news! Pass my good wishes on to Jim.--Jane