Sunday - Valentine's Day - Three Beautiful Things.

Three Beautiful Things

A simple lovely day.
  • a single red rose, Jim's signature gift , since the first one he gave me for Valentine's in 1955.
  • lunch with Jim at La Madeliene - sitting at a window table in the warm sunshine enjoying the time together. Sharing a lovely bowl of ripe strawberries for dessert.
  • a warm fire and a good movie.


Dianne said...

La Madeline was Elisabeth and Mamama's place to eat together when she came to visit us. She always told Elisabeth that they gave her more cream on the Strawberries Romanoff dessert, so Elisabeth would ask if they would put a dap more on Mamama's. Have a good picture of them together at the restaurant.


Nice memory for yal. When Mama visited here we also took her to La Madeline - great place. Good for conversation and feeling you have been some place special.