When it is time to re-do the LIST

Over the Back Fence:

When someone called yesterday she said she was so happy to see how well things are going for me.
 "I read your Facebook"

Let me tell you - everything you read on Facebook is not always the real story.

Take today for instance:
while I could tell about the three story gigs I am excited about for next week - which is true by the way -  -
 but also  - - there is water in the basement and every plumber I call is too busy;
the dog peed on the freshly professionally cleaned carpet where there are permanent dog stains already;
a guy is in my attic cutting holes in the roof;
I have an emergency appointment with the dentist and my to do list is out of control.

 I woke up this morning hearing my voice calling out for Jim. My voice echoed in the house. It sounded so strange. 

Jim can't come. He is other-wise engaged.

Well, damn.

Just saying.

Another very smart friend told me, "Sounds to me like you are calling out because you need some help." A simple observation that is helping me to grapple with it.

I'm remaking my list. 
Sometimes the most important thing is to re-order your priorities.
Stall the emergencies if you can.

Sounds like good advice doesn't it.

It is the kind of thing Jim would have said - -

I hope it works.

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