Kitty has a Back Story

I frequently post pictures of my cat - she is two years old now. She watches me closely and keeps me on my toes.

And I have to admit she often makes life very interesting during the day.
When I was looking through my YOU TUBE pages today I came across a story I told on "Stories in Time" shortly after she arrived in my life.

You know there is always a "back story".  This is her's and mine.

What are the back stories on your pets?

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! I also fed a baby kitten, with an eye dropper. Stray mama cat had two stillborn kittens, and one living kitten (Caesarian delivery) too weak to nurse. It's amazing how close one becomes to a dependent little mite . . . and then the allergist said, "You must get rid of the cats, on a scale of one to four, that is a four plus reaction."