Answer to a call for help

Over the Back Fence:

When I made this collage ten years ago I was drawn to the calm, peaceful expressionless faces the Renaissance women were wearing. I still like them. But I can hardly ever imitate it.

Often I use this picture when I want to say something to myself as much as to anyone who reads what I write.

  I am very grateful for the wise ones in my life. Often I don't recognize who they are - or reach out to them as often as I should.

1. Yesterday, after a long time, I talked with a wise woman I know and just hearing her voice was calming and comforting. She used to live here and I saw her often. Now she lives on the West Coast and we talk seldom - but our connection is "alive".  Do you know what I mean when I say that?
Well, it is like this. We don't have to explain ourselves to each other. We listen and we laugh.

She too is a widow. Her husband died a year and a half before Jim. We all knew each other. Right there - that makes our conversations different. I told her I was having a hard time letting go of any of Jim's things and she said, "Oh, Honey, don't worry about it - I have one of Sam's jackets hanging on a chair in the kitchen - and its been there for three years. Its an honoring." We laughed deeply and I felt we had shared a truth, an understanding of each other's grief and love and a permission to "do it the way that is best for yourself."

2. When I felt so overwhelmed by the things going on around me the other day I woke up hearing my voice calling out for Jim. A wise friend suggested that I was calling out for help with the house emergencies I was dealing with. That was certainly true. Based on her comment I re-did my list, tossed the story stuff off the list and got down to doing "life".

Let me tell you, just because you have water in your basement and it feels like an emergency to you, you may not be able to get a plumber to come fix it. These are very busy folks - as well as being very expensive. I made an appointment for next week - the third plumber's first opening.

The water was standing around the bottom of the furnace which worried me a bit so I called the Service we have a contract with for the furnace and AC. We have done business with them for years.
They installed this furnace I am worrying over. The woman spoke of Jim and how long we had been their customers. She sent a mechanic who turned out to be an "angel". He checked out the furnace. Did not stop with just looking at the humidifier - but actually checked out the floor drain which was  stopped up. He reminded me of the way Jim would poke around with things. He reversed the shop-vac to blow air into the water in the drain - and POP - forced whatever had blocked it to clear!
What a guy! 

Its a great TIP - particularly when it works.

Later after a lot of vac-ing up water - the floor is dry.

Jim did send me the help. Why would I say that? Because he had great relationships with the folks who work for that company. Actually he had good relationship with all the service folks he worked with.  He liked them and they knew it.

They liked him and they transfer that good feeling to me  and I surely am grateful they do.

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I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your women's collage! You amaze me with all of your creative talents. Wow!