Opening March on a High Note

Some days I forget to be grateful for the blessings in my life
so I am naming these today to start March on a high note.

Look at this orchid shouting its colors in our living room.

A two year old orchid from Jim's Memorial Mass March 6, 2012
played out its colors and turned off. I thought it was a throw-away but I didn't  and I am glad.

A couple of months ago these two stalks sprouted up, grew tall slowly and then popped out 12 tight fisted buds. Those buds have relaxed and opened two at a time for several weeks shouting out hope and color.

Last night two more blooms were ready to open but still teasing me. When I came downstairs this morning they too were wide open and shouting out.

There are three more to come. Which should carry me right to Jim's anniversary next week.

Thank you.

and the ever present iPhone.

My iPhone - my constant companion - ever ready for talking or searching.
I never go anywhere without it in my hand or near to hand.
How about you?
Rarely to do I think to appreciate having it .

There is a lot to thank it for:

* it wakes me in the morning
* it is my safety net -
* I use the flashlight when I am fumbling for my keys
* what about the camera?
* solitaire when I am bored or waiting
* keeping lists on hand
* reading teeny tiny books on my phone Kindle
* connecting with the world
* being connected to the ones I love.

Thank you Alexander Graham Bell and all those who came after with the ideas that finally brought the phone to my pocket.

Jim and I once visited the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Nova Scotia and it is truly amazing to see that progression from an idea to our pockets.

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