What do you remember about being 13 years old?

The theme for the evening of stories was "childhood etc." so I knew it gave me a chance to tell my Junior High School story again. It was a chance I could not pass up because I love the story. In this story I can walk back into the halls and classrooms of Piedmont Junior High School when I was in the ninth grade. Not that all the days were perfect - as you will see in this story - but they were all flavored well.
Learning something new all the time. Trying out things. Looking ahead to your dreams.

But - there were hurts that haunted you for years. This story is about one of those - and how help came from an unexpected quarter.

I call this story, "Miss Janie Kilgore" - which you will understand shortly.

 Maybe this story will bring up some of your own memories from those wonderful, sometimes difficult days in Junior High School.

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