Video: Good Will Mourning

Good Will Mourning is one of my favorite stories about Thrift Store Shopping and about Jim.
I was glad for the opportunity to tell it Saturday night as part of the Better Said Than Done line-up.
I introduced it at the Rogue Performing Arts Festival, Fresno, CA. - as part of a program called "Second Hand Rose." My venue was the La Tienda Thrift Shop, which is in Jim's childhood neighborhood and it is the setting for several of the stories.
Jim actually got a kick out of my telling the Good Will Mourning Story - as did members of his family - after all they all had the inside story on those early albums. And, later the family sat together and told more stories. It was great - storytelling igniting more family storytelling.

Many thanks to Jessica Piscitelli Robinson and Bart Robinson for this video.

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