Waiting for the ice tonight.

Watching the Weather Channel.
Ice and snow are on their way.
They say,
"ice will take down trees and knock out power."

Hate that! How about you?
Slipping and sliding is not my favorite sport.

I remember an unexpected snow storm some years ago
when Connecticutt Avenue quickly became a sheet of ice. I was driving toward Dupont Circle and right before Florida Avenue  - I was just at the Hilton - my car went into a free wheeling skid and turned around twice. Scared me to death. Fortunately there were no cars near by. The car finally settled down anad stopped. Gasping, I headed toward Dupont Circle creeping all the way and shaking like a leaf in a strong wind.

That's when I decided that there was no where important enough for me to drive on ice. I am not kidding.

However you know how it is - you forget your personal rules.

My son was here tonight to fix my utility room sink. As he left we were talking about the coming weather and I once again proclaimed my concern about ice-driving - as in cautioning him to "be careful"

Laughing he said, "remember the night before my wedding?"

Lordy, lordy - yes.

We went to the rehearsal dinner downtown at GW Faculty Club - which Jim and I were hosting - driving in a slight drizzling rain.
When we emerged four hours later, dressed for a party not for snow and ice, we could barely find traction on the side walk.  Jim and Jimmy drove in Jim's car and I drove my parents and my sister and her husband. Creeping slowly up Connecticutt Avenue toward the circle at the border to Maryland was nerve wracking. Just before the Beltway we entered our neighborhood. I chose the flattest streets rather that the hill that leads to our street.

That good plan turned into a nightmare. I became stranded on a slab of ice with wheels spinning, going nowhere - no kitty litter in the car and no one able to push us.  Maybe that has happened to you and you have burned rubber like I did trying to get the car moving forward. The scene inside the car was noisy and chaotic. Mama was a bit hysterical, Daddy was telling me to "Rock it. Rock it." Kathy and Johnny were laughing at the predicament. I was not happy.

We were only about 9 blocks from home. But that was before everyone in the car had a cell phone in their pocket so we could not call anyone.

Finally the car lurched ahead and I crept those blocks to our house. Jim and Jimmy, who had driven up the hill with no problem, were standing on the front walkway looking our way. Jim did not look happy.

"Where have you been?"

Why do people always ask that? And even more, why, when they are worried, do they sound angry - like you have done something wrong?

Its a question for another time. Just setting the scene right now.

Once inside with hot coffee and cocoa we told our story and all was well.

Next morning the sun came out, ice melted, and we got to the church on time.

I continue to try to follow my rule and stay inside when it is iced outside.

Just saying, if I have an appointment with you tomorrow - I probably won't be there.

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