Getting it Together

Today is about to close so I am looking at how it went.

1. OK I admit it. I started off the day watching the latest "Miss Fisher" episode in the second series. A new one becomes available every Monday - on Acorn.com and its worth the $9 a month.  I love the program - from the opening theme, the characters, the sometimes silly plots and the scrumptious clothes. If you haven't tried the series on Net Flix or Public Television - well, what can I say. In my opinion you are missing out.

2. Today I had a dreaded appointment with the dentist. I hate going to the dentist - not that I don't like my particular dentist.  My dentist is skilled, competent, compassionate and - expensive. I like him. I trust him. He works away at my teeth without hurting me. And, he has done this for about 14 years.  Even though he knows I am a "pain in the neck" kind of dental patient he lets me come back. I am part of his income stream.  There I have told the truth about it.   Today we talked and about the secrets revealed in my x-rays. I have to go back next week. Then he will get to work.  DRAT!  DRAT! and more DRAT.  When I got home this afternoon, after our "talk", I watched another Miss Fisher murder mystery and took a nap.

3. My house needs attention. Jim's illness took over for a few years and we had to let the house go. After Jim died I let things go.  As I been increasingly "wake up" I can see that I can't "let things go" any longer. I spent the past few weeks fretting about "what to do" and "who to do it" for the work ahead. I mean this is not going to be rocket science - but its clear I need " a team" - well, yesterday I found my Team Captain.  A construction contractor who also has a "handy-man" service and all the handy-men who can do all the jobs - plumbers, electricians, painters, roofers etc. etc. We walked through the house and talked. He sees what needs to be done - not huge jobs to start - well, except maybe the roof might turn out to be a "biggie" . Anyway - he has the know how and the people!!!!!

I asked, "how much is this going to cost?" He answered, " I will send you an itemized cost proposal for each item - but I think probably - it will be more than you want to pay and less than I would like to charge for the job."  That sounds believeable to me! I like him.

Between my Team Captain and my Dentist - I think I am going to be BROKE.

                                                                         How am I doing, Jim?

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