Blue Hydrangeas

Yesterday I ordered the flowers my family will send to Mama's funeral. We had talked about asking for a blue and white arrangement because those are the colors most associated with the Blessed Virgin and the rosary. Since Mama had a special love of the rosary that seemed like a good thing - a private hug for her.
When I talked to the designer at the florist in Charlotte he said "oh, that sounds nice. We have some beautiful blue hydrangeas right now."
Perfect - he will mix them with white roses, gerber daisies and other deeper touches of blue - but its the blue hydrangeas that are special to me and right for Mama.
There were large hydrangea bushes on either side of Granny's front porch steps.
The hydarangeas will be a special connection to two mothers Mama loved deeply.
This makes me feel connected to Mama.
Its true.
Funerals are for the living.