Seven Days Until Williamsburg

This afternoon I was talking with Robin and she asked me, " When do you go to Williamsburg?" I looked at the calendar. My head snapped back, my heart jumped a beat

" Next Thursday.
That's seven days.
Seven days until we leave for Williamsburg."

The tents will be up on the greens behind Basset Hall just a few blocks from the main street of Colonial Williamsburg.

This will be our fourth year attending the Williamsburg Storytelling Festival.

Donald Davis will be returning to tell
his wonderful stories along with seven over national storytellers. (see website)
Milbre Burch, Gayle Ross, Valierie Tutson, Bobby Norfolk, Susan Klein, Syd Lieberman, and Waddie Mitchell.

This year the storyteller line-up also includes four regional tellers and four Colonial Willimasburg tellers. (see website)

I am happy to be invited as a regional teller and to be a part of this festival which is special for the storytelling programs and for its setting.

On Saturday September 20 (12:30 pm - 1:30 pm) I am paired with the marvelous, Colonial Williamsburg storyteller, Art Johnson, for an hour of stories - each of us telling for thirty minutes. I have heard him tell stories a number of times and really admire his work and enjoy his stories. Will be great to work with him.

Saturday evening I will be part of the "Family Stories" line-up which features Susan Klein, Tracey Turner, Sharon Rogers, Waddie Mitchell, Diane Macklin and Bobbie Norfolk.

Sunday, September 21, The four regional tellers, Rich Knoblich, Diane Macklin, Kim Weitkamp and Ellouise Schoettler, will tell stories together between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

And lets not forget - listening to all those great stories in-between. What a week-end.

Seven days until Williamsburg.

Any chance any of you will be there?. if you are - please tap me on the shoulder - I would love to see you.